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Infant Feeding Workshop

16 October 2020 (by Dominika Gold)

‼️Attention all antenatal mums and their partners!!‼️

Join Pamela and Ann for the FREE Infant Feeding Workshop on Monday 26th October via ZOOM.

There is going to be a lot of useful information on:

& Breastfeeding health benefits for both mum and baby
& Hormones and how they work for breastfeeding
& How to know if your baby is getting enough
& Hunger cues
& Positioning and attachment
& Skin to skin contact
& Expressing

Contact us via FB or ring 028 8676 9994 if you are interested.

Send us your name, address, contact details like email address and phone number and we will be in touch.

Hope to see you !!

This workshop is available to ALL expectant parents!