Massage n Move



We have combined Baby Massage and Baby Movers into one programme Massage n Move.  The programme is delivered in eight 1 hour sessions where first 4 weeks are Baby Massage classes and last 4 weeks are Baby Movers classes. 

Baby Massage is an ancient art that connects parent and baby and helps the parent to understand their baby's nonverbal language and respond with love and respectful listening.

The benefits of Baby Massage which are outlined in more detail throughout our course, can generally be divided into four categories :-

1) Stimulation

2) Relaxation

3) Relief

4) Interaction

   As touch is a powerful element in human bonding, loving skin contact with parent and child benefits both of them.

Some of the benefits of Baby Massage for parents are bonding, relaxation, communication and increased confidence in relating to and handling the baby.

Some of the benefits of Baby Massage for babies are; it enhances the bonding process, improves blood circulation and digestion, can improve sleep patterns and reduction of colic symptoms and digestive problems.

Baby Movers enhances all the body's systems i.e. the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, and the nervous system as well as strengthening the spine and developing muscle tone.  In yoga the body is stimulated and stretched in order to be able to relax better.

In one short session your baby is given as much physical activity as she would receive if you had carried her all day. All this activity will promote better sleep. Baby Movers will also promote a sense of well being and provides an opportunity for bonding for parent and baby. As well as being fun for both.

The deep relaxation that is part of yoga helps parents cope with the stress of early parenting.


"Baby Movers/Yoga opens our hearts to allow energy to flow and

communication to develop between parent and baby."

Some of the parents quotes after completing Massage n Move:

"Lovely relaxing class, learnt some great techniques..."

“Colic strokes for constipation, learning how much touch your baby can tolerate/enjoy.  Loved learning songs to sing to my baby and as week progressed I could see him enjoying strokes and songs more and more”

"It's a lovely social morning for mums"

" My child loved the massage..."

"Great company in the class"

" I really enjoyed the social side meeting other mothers"