Lets Play (former Stay and Play)

 Lets Play is a fun and stimulating enviroment where children (aged 0-3) and their parents can come along and have a fun engaging in developmentally appriopriate activities which help to improve the child's personal, social and emotional skills. 

Lets Play gives parents/carers the opportunity to engage with their children and help their child develop new skills through the play.  We provide a wide variety of activities such as messy play (paint, junk art, sand/water etc), home corner/quiet corner, baby corner construction and story/song corner.  All activities are catered for fun in mind and there is always an experienced team of staff there to assist and share the fun. 

Lets Play also gives parents/carers the opportunity to meet other adults and socialise with them, while enjoying light refreshments in a warm friendly enviroment.

What is parent role at Lets Play?

Your role is to supervise your child and play along with them.  Encourage them to try new activities.  They will be so proud to see you playing too.  Get messy with your child by doing an art activity with them or playing in sand/water with them.


The staff are on hand to give you assistance if needed and to facilitate any activities that are taking place.

 They will explain what art activity is taking place and allow you to guide your child using paint/ glue/ scissors/junk art. They will also provide a snack and please ensure staff are aware of any allergies or intolerance.


If you interested or would like more information please ring Gold Community Partnership Surestart office.