Welcome to the World Programme


 It's an Antenatal Programme for future Mums and Dads. 

  • To give an opportunity for expectant parents to explore their roots, traditions, hopes and fears for the future.
  • To develop strong bonds of communication between parents by sharing experiences and ideas.
  • To understand how a baby develops before and after birth.
  • To understand how important it is to nurture ourselves and provide the best opportunities for the baby to grow and flourish.
  • To think about our future as parents as a couple as a family.
  • To become familiar with the necessary practical skills of caring for a new born baby, such as bathing, nappy changing, infant feeding and discussion on baby equipment.

Every week we will discuss different topics:

Week 0 & 1  - Aims of Antenatal Nurturing Programme

Week 2 - Nurturing my Baby's development and Growing brain

Week 3 - Celebration of Birth

Week 4 - Personal Power, Self Esteem and Healthy Eating choices

Week 5 - Helping my Baby calm Himself/Herself

Week 6 -Feelings... and How we communicate, Communication between Parents and Baby

Week 7 - Family life with new baby

Week 8 - Midwife and Labour

If you interested in "Welcome to the world" programme ring Gold Community Partnership Surestart office on 028 8676 9994 for more information and book your place.