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Activity Videos

Painting Cherry Blossom Tree

Join Leah from SureStart and her daughter Emmy in painting cherry blossom tree...

Bedtime Story

Join Julie from SureStart and her son Thomas in bedtime story...

Bird Feeders 

Check out this short video how to make a bird feeders...

Thanks to Jacqueline from Surestart for great photos and recipe!

Dough Making

Join Adam to make your homemade dough...

Sensory Play 

Mary from SureStart and her kids enjoying the good weather and sensory play!

What is your favourite sensory play?

Wash Your hands with Barnard Bear

Join Cathy from SureStart and Barnard Bear so they can show you how to wash your hands!

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Join Jacqueline from SureStart and her son Mark in making Easter Chicks!  Are you going to try?

Story Time with Julie and Thomas

Join Julie and Thomas in short and funny story time!

Sensory Play - Bubbles

Try this simple sensory play idea with your children - making bubbles!

Mary from SureStart and her children shared her video on sensory play!

Rhyme Time

Join Julie, Kathryn and Thomas in short Rhyme time... Have Fun!

Join Julie, Thomas and Kathryn in short sing along at home!!!

We will sing a song called Tap your sticks... You can preview and download the words from our website at