Childminding Network

The role of the Childminding Coordinator within GOLD is to promote registered childminding as a quality

day-care profession and establish a childminding network, which will offer  'Quality Assured' childcare, through monitoring and training opportunities for registered childminders.


The Network helps:

  • To support and recruit childminders to meet the needs of the local community.

  • To recognise registered childminders as a professional quality day-care service.

  • To provide mentoring support to childminders going through the process of registration.

  • To establish a childminding network to determine availability for the childminding respite scheme available to families

  • To promote childminders' access to the Gold Community Partnership Surestart toy library resources.

  • To provide parents with information on available childminding places


Childminding Support Group


Gold SureStart Childminding Network meet on a monthly basis bringing together childminders living in the SureStart area with the aim of enhancing quality childcare, reducing isolation, and encourage the development of childminders as Early Years providers.

In Cookstown we meet on last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm in Loy Street office.


In Maghera we meet every 3rd Tuesday night of the month at the Lurach Centre.


For more details on free services available for childminders living in SureStart area contact Childminding Coordinator on 028 7676 9994.


 NICMA - 'Tiny Toes' Drop In


"Tiny Toes" is a Drop In for registered childminders in the Gold Community Partnership Surestart area.


It happens:

every other Tuesday from 10am - 11.30am

in the Cookstown Primary School.


every other Friday from 10am - 11:30am 

at The Lurach Centre, Maghera.

There is lots to do here with activities which include free play, creative play, healthy snack and circle time.

It is an excellent way for the children you care for to interact and socialise, as well as engaging in lots of personal development.

As a registered childminder you too will enjoy it as it enables you to meet other childminders and get lots of new play ideas as well as a bit of support from one another.


Check what registered childminders think about our Drop In sessions:


“Fantastic benefit to us childminders. We can ask Tina and other childminders for advice if needed.  The children can play with other kids and a different variety of toys”


"I love getting to socialise and help and support from the other childminders as it can be an isolating job.  The children also love going and seeing their friends again and having a different setting to explore.”