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Aquanatal Yoga 

Aqua Natal is an exercise routine which is designed specifically for pregnancy.

  • It builds up endurance in preparation for labour and delivery
  • Non weight bearing exercises in water is less likely to cause injury
  • Abdominal tone is improved or maintained

Benefits of Aqua Natal Yoga

  • Reduces stress to mother thus improving infant mental health outcomes
  • Promotes benefits of exercise
  • Improves birth experience

   You have to live within the Surestart wards and be registered with Gold Community Partnership to avail of FREE  programmes and activities.

Check what antenatal mums said about this course:

“Felt great after the gentle exercise, helped improve mood and also the social aspect of meeting others”

Sleep better – eases muscle tension, improves overall fitness; absolutely loved these classes"

“Gave me more energy and helped relax me for the evening"

“I feel fitter, positive and happy from the sessions and looked forward to them each week.  I think it helped my baby get into a good foetal position”

“Helen is a brilliant facilitator and makes the classes very enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend those classes with Helen”