COOK IT / Food Values


Cook -It is a six week nutrition programme, which provides practical info and recipes, healthy eating, ideas on home freezing, food safety and food preparation for every age group and fun experience.

  • Week 1 - Health on a Plate
  • Week 2 - Find out about Fibre
  • Week 3 - Fabulous Fruit and Veg
  • Week 4 - Counting on Calcium
  • Week 5 - Protein Providers
  • Week 6 - A little bit of what you fancy.. :-)

Cook It offers hands on practical experience of cooking and preparing food

as well as improving  healthy eating and food safety.

Parents reviews:

"This is one of the best courses I’ve ever done – lots of helpful advice on nutrition, nice recipes and tips for cooking in a very enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.  Would strongly recommend.”

“Instructors made cooking fun. Group was good for getting ideas from other mums”

“Cooking healthier foods are easier that I thought and this course has gave me confidence that I actually can cook”