Incredible Years


The Incredible Years parents, babies and toddler parenting programme is designed to strengthen parenting skills and promote social, emotional, physical and academic development for your children.  The programme aims to promote positive and nurturing parenting skills and for parents to support each other.

Some of the topic covered are aimed to :

  • Increase parents positive relationships with their babies and toddlers through play
  • Improve parents understanding of babies and toddlers developmental milestones
  • Increase parents positive communication skills
  • Improve parents limit setting and positive discipline skills with their children
  • Improve parents understanding of setting of routines and the need to provide a secure and safe enviroment at home
  • Increase parents capacity to promote positive discipline


The programme runs for 12 weeks of 2 hourly sessions with créche provided.

We always have:

  • Lovely refreshments
  • A good laugh
  • Gain support from other parents
  • Go away each week with a positive outlook for the next week