Antenatal Yoga


Yogacise brings a calm strength and inner balance that enables antenatal mother to overcome whatever  challenges lie ahead.  As the baby grows, Yogacise is used to strengthen, tone and relax the mother, making more space for the baby.

Benefits of A/N Yoga


  • A regular practice of simple relaxation helps to dissolve stress
  • Mothers are prepared for labour and birth
  • Reduction in maternal stress thus improving infant mental health outcomes
  • Can be used post natally to aid relaxation

 For further information please contact Midwife Helen on 02886769994.



Check what antenatal mums said about Antenatal Yoga:

“I already recommended this programme of Surestart to my friends and other pregnant mothers”

“I loved it.  Extremely relaxing and friendly environment.  Made me feel like I had more energy after it

"Always leave feeling better and refreshed”